Welcome to high society

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The difference could not be grater in terms of wealth. In terms of human development, in terms of personality it is close and I dont know who is more advanced. I am obviously not going to mention names or locations for as this society, the upper class, is extremly well connected and has their ears and eyes everywhere. And it makes sense. I recently came up with a concept stuck in my mind.

The poor tend to use the government to cheat the rich, while the rich use the poor to cheat the government.

However it might be, it is an experience I am really grateful about. Staying in a wealthy environment, having a shower and all the little comforts that I have missed so much. Helping the man in the house and getting to know people. Learning bits and pieces about how this society actually works. And yes. There is funny parts. Hilarious parts even. This one guy who did come to Germany several times and didn’t notice we actually have a “working class”. This whole Marie-Antoinette blindness makes a whole new sense to me now. You don’t see what you are not used to see. I asked him “Didn’t you see there was other cars than Ferraris on the Autobahn?” “No!”
So yes. This is what we have. We do not see the problems of other realms, other classes.
High class, yeah, they have money. Not the issue here, probably what lower class asks for. And yet. Their children tend to break out, live in tents, travel the world.
No, learn from each other, stop lying. Be honest. Be content with yourself. And if you want to make friends in high society, don’t judge by money. Judge by personality.
Or do you really expect someone to like you, when you call him an “evil capitalist parasite” behind his back?

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