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Remember the Senior Frogs Swingers Club? Met the owner of this Etablissement yesterday and asked him whether it was intentional or not. It was. Intended as a joke, pure marketing.
A really interesting day with extremely interesting people. Highly intelligent and driven. I can be honoured to be able and learn from them.

A lovely businesslady invited me out some on saturday.
Went to a place called Lukka Kairi to have a drink and some lovely Tapas. Recommended by a former chef. So he knows whats good. And hell yes! Good seafood and a good Cocktail. We have been talking all the time about plans, about networks. About people. Highly interesting person.
After having eaten we went to see one of the “sights” of Nassau. We didn’t find it at first, but we found the Parliament and several Government buildings. Strange though, that those buildings severely lack renovation, paint and new windows. Government buildings falling apart. In the middle of a touristy town with 5 cruisehips anchoring at the harbor. I leave it to you, what that sais about their government…
Finally found what we were looking for. Queen’s Staircase. A shortcut to get to a small defense Fort easier. Hacked out of the stone by slaves.
The funny part: It has it’s own microclimate. Less humidity bcs of the plants growing there regulating it and a lot colder. We were there at just the right time, the cruises were just about to leave and the city was basicly devoid of tourists.
The Fort was not exactly what we call a fort in Europe either. About 6 cannons spread in all directions. At least they were very well movable and automatic recoil-to fireposition movement. Simply using gravity. Smart!
However I doubt that this fort did have a garrison of more than 50 people. The whole Island probably had about 30 cannons aiming at the shore. Still enough to defend against a sole 32cannon sixth rate or a fith rate. Well pirates and even the big nations barely had battleships of the line over here in the carribean anyway.

Had another drink in probably the most fancy place on this Island. Champagne mixed with fresh pressed mango juice. Didn’t even know this exists. Again making fun about the “Health Ministry” falling apart. And verious other unique things here on the Bahamas.
(If you look closely you will see that the sign sais “Ministry of Health Reference Laboratory”)
My joke “If someone sais 3rd Floor 2nd door to the left, you know you are f…..”
I probably scared her to death with my idea of taking the bus back. A full bus on the bahamas. The door was open probably half of the way, way too many people and no safety precautions at all. She laughed about it. It was a fun experience for both of us.

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