Legal High

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The trip to Washington was an utter failure. Not getting to see anything of the city and worst of all not getting to see much of the Conference. My driver didn’t seem to take the whole thing really serious. If he really wanted to shift from the semi-legal to the legal side he would certainly […]

Ego struggles

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M’Lady destroyed me within seconds. Hitting the very weaknesses of mine with unspoken precision. Cutting like a knife through butter. Not so much a pleasant experience but a neccesary one. I am afraid and bunker myself in. The risks I take are not really risky. Mindfuck and self-pity won’t get me anywhere. I am finding […]

Boat ride

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I was getting up extremely early for my taste yesterday. 8am. Still a bit hungover and sleepy from the last day. I’ve been drinking and smoking (Just weed, no worries) a bit too much lately. But what do you expect when you are living with 2 guys? Insanely fun. Just like students, but without money […]