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I was getting up extremely early for my taste yesterday. 8am. Still a bit hungover and sleepy from the last day. I’ve been drinking and smoking (Just weed, no worries) a bit too much lately. But what do you expect when you are living with 2 guys? Insanely fun. Just like students, but without money issues. Refreshing. Close to the best time ever. The downside is that it eats up your body pretty fast.

The reason we had to get up this early is that my hosts boat needed to get some repairs at the drydock. So we took it out for a “cruise” along the island. A lot of fun to see New Providence from the seaside. Beautiful water.
While my host was busy worrying about his boat going slow (because of watered down fuel) I was having a good time just watching the sea. I spottet a cruise ship on route to Nassau harbor. Hard to zoom in on a boat that goes up and down though.
We were driving by some touristy Island close to the “main Island” on our way to the dock. Passing through the strait of Paradise Island. An its very top an abandoned Restaurant which according to my host served good lobster once.
Must have been a beautiful place, glass bottom. Good food, hearing and seeing the sea. Wonder why it closed.

Passing the industrial harbor, where a containership was just in process of being unloaded. At least it looked like it. But from what I have seen here in the “Bananas” (how my host calls it) you can’t really tell.
Getting closer to the cruiseship, several smaller boats waiting for passage. Damn this looks pretty ugly from the stern.
I figured out which ship it was. The “Disney Dream”. Funny how I have seen a small documentation about it just prior to my departure from Germany and now being so close to it.
Me: “Do you have a pirate flag?”
My host looking to the storage area: “No it is broken”
Suddenly a patrol boat came, signalling that we were getting too close to the ship. So we quickly passed it, here is where it anchored later (in between the other cruises). Behind them an exploration ship. There are a lot of old wrecks over here in the carribean. Pirates and Gold Galleons, Frigates… Surely nice for exploration and diving.
Passing the big private yachts. Millions of Dollars swimming there. Funny though. Quote again:
“The ones who really get to enjoy the Yacht is the Crew”. In a way makes sense since all those people who can afford such a thing don’t really have the time to enjoy it. The Crew is on the boat all the time.

Off to the drydock. That crane was pretty scary.
A boat can and will get very dirty after some time in the water. It even destroys solid steel after a while. But this showed me that I would really love to go sailing again… Being on the water is a good time.

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