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Sitting in the backseat of a car, driving trhough brooklyn in the night in a car full of weed. Rain, lovely warm for december and all that you see outside is orthodox jews. Life is crazy. I never thought stuff like this would be happening to me. Now here I am.

After all it was not so bad that M’Lady finally kicked me out. Learned an important lesson. Don’t get too close with someone who is all business. You will drop your guard and say things that might get you in serious trouble. The car is parked now and my driver took off with my former date. Well she brought me in that situation in the first place. It all falls into place, in retrospect. Fits like a puzzle, one piece leads to another.

Getting kicked out was not fun at all,worst of all I disappointed a kind hearted person. Not my intention. But happened. Hope she will talk to me one day again. So I was on the road two days early. Moving into a hostel in “fucking brooklyn”. Not so bad after all but really loud, people are extremely inconsiderate and spanish speking people are the worst in terms of loudness. I feel like I am turning old, wanting my own piece of quiet, a good coffee and a bit of privacy. After all having a flat does not seem such a bad idea right now.
So after finding a German guy to share a beer with right after I came there yesterday I basicly went to bed. My emotion clearly hurting, not knowing what to do for 12 Days in this city and not getting quiet time. After all it was so much easier with all the little comforts. Now I know why.

To all you to which I said that I don’t need it: “I was wrong!”

From the disaster of getting hooked up with a “cute girl”and ending up taking a taxi and hitchhiking in the middle of the night to make it all ok again to meeting another girl that is so innocent and pure that it hurts to see it. Leaving her at the subway station now in a still drunk state, but her soon to be boyfriend can’t really need a drunk girl in a car full of drugs. Met her at a beutiful, very alternative Cafe in a very rich town. Both the waitresses (both cute) were obviously attracted. Fun how I do not even notice that walk around like a warning sign in my orange leather jacket.
Girls flock to that like flies to the light. At least here in the States they do.

So today I wanted to meet up with her again, after having seen her about 3 times already (which were clearly not dates according to her), didn’t feel like it. However if I hadn’t done this, I wouldn’t be on the way to Washington DC with her soon to be boyfriend. As weird as it sounds. I am going on a roadtrip with my “Competition”. I know when to step down, and as cute and pure hearted as she is, she is more trouble for me than she would be good for me. I would hurt both of us in the end, no future in this. Then I saw how close they are, how he tried to kiss her and shied out everytime… Yes, this is the guy she should be with, even if he is trouble himself. He is the more mature kind of trouble. Despite the Weed. Despite having been in prison before.
It hurts to see her with her love for the world, with her innocence and naivit√©, knowing she will be hurt. Knowing her heart will be broken several times. After I came back getting my stuff they finally kissed. Somehow hurt, because it hasn’t been me but on the other hand I am very happy for both of them, as there is a possible future.

Now in a Hotel in Washington DC, with 4 Stoners. 1 Couple, which seems to be pretty normal alternative lifestyle people. A man that constantly drinks, smokes weed and takes other drugs and on top of that talks about everything that comes into his mind. Pure in a way but also highly annoying, when you just want to sleep. The last one is my highly entrepreneural driver. He has a hang for business, a lot of potential. See a good chance in him shifting to the legal business side. Given he already has experience in the field it is probably a smart move of him to go to the summit we will go tomorrow.
High Times Business Summit.
A lot of interesting speakers in the emerging market of the weed business. Legalization issues, Sales, Production and Investors. Probably not the worst place to make contacts. So now I rather spend money on meeting businesspeople I never met before, eat fancy food and talk about markets and politics than visiting the Capital of the US.

Here some Photos to see of New York:
Not exactly new York, but I read some parts of Machiavelli. I talked about him earlier. Well written and I probably buy this soon.


Didn’t get closer to it, not down to spend that money on taking pictures which I can easily google for, when I can go to a good museum instead. Or have a good meal.


Promised this to a specific trader. Sadly couldn’t get my hands on any insider Information. Couldn’t get closer than this.


A Subway in a Subway entrance, thought this might be worth sharing.


Yes, they actually use them. Walking over Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan.


Political Correctness…


Sushi. For the first time in my life. Interesting, not so bad after all.


Inside a “feminist Bookstore”. Free Condoms and Lube. Stocked up. They also sold Coffee and Cookies. You would have liked that Hannah.


Run Forrest, Run! Times Sqare.

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