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The trip to Washington was an utter failure. Not getting to see anything of the city and worst of all not getting to see much of the Conference. My driver didn’t seem to take the whole thing really serious. If he really wanted to shift from the semi-legal to the legal side he would certainly not go to a business conference with his stoner friends and get up early to be there in time. He didn’t. He has a huge talent for networking though, having lunch with a banker who invests heavily in the Canna-Business. He took out some gummibears for us to eat. A grave mistake to do that. 100Mg THC.

At first nothing really happened. Took half an hour to get me giggling and feeling relaxed. A while after I was not able to grab a glass to drink. It was getting worse. People around me started noticing. Luckily all very involved in the Canna-Business, they told me that they have all been there before. Good to know.

One of them told a story about two guys getting so high that they called the cops on themselves.
„If I wasn’t with you guys I would have done that five minutes ago“.

One of the last things I could properly communicate apart from „I don’t wanna die“. Then came the worst 5 Minutes of my life. I could not move. Nothing. Not even my eyes. Being completely trapped. A certain person will probably clap her hands, thinking this is karma hitting me hard for a comment I had made a week earlier. It probably is. Having no control over your body is torture. I might have gone crazy haven’t it been for the people around me reassuring me that by this time tomorrow everything will be okay. After about 5 minutes this state faded and I was slowly able to control my body again. Thinking this would be over I was really joyful. I started talking to the others again but after a while I noticed that I am not able to understand the meaning of the sentences. The whole language just sounded like poetry. Not even single words made any sense to me. No thoughts in my brain, just the pure joy of sounds. I was smiling. The whole conversation sounded so weird, so beautiful. From this point on I was not able to communicate anything else but basic emotions even though I was able to understand language again shortly after. Right after they got me a room I completely passed out, seing weird pictures of a comic like figure and seeing the room from an architects top-down perspective. My eyes seemed to focus on points of light, my head was spinning. The more I circled in to the point of light, the more it felt like my brain would explode in a giant splash. It felt like pushing a bubble through my arteries.
They finally put me in the room. Still being extremely fascinated by light and dark. I probably spent hours dancing in front of the mirror, looking at this half naked dude. In the bathroom I nearly passed out again looking at the lights.

I woke up several hours later, head still spinning but I was able to make myself some food. Eating everything I had left in my backpack. From Ramen to Energy-Bars. We had to move out of this room, so I tried packing my stuff (which probably took half an hour longer than it usually does). I felt like my name was Forrest Gump. It took me the next two days to get back to normal.
No more Cannabis. I used to be in favor of legalisation, now I am not so sure anymore.
Found this in my pocket the day after.

Small update on what happened after that:
I spent the last week in the hostel. Did not really move out to see more of NYC except the jewish part close to the hostel. Very interesting to see. All the people looked more or less the same. Black coats, felty heats and payots.
I just had to buy this there.

I spent my evening socialising with the people in the hostel, making some friends and excessively playing pool.
Now that I am back home in Germany, I am pretty happy for the quietness and the time to reflect on things. Very happy for my friends. Daniel picked me up at the airport again, and the next day we walked to our favorite pub 6km away. Just like old times, with the old friends. Sometimes you have to go, to cherish what you have.

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