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Saturday morning, I am sitting in a café with a bunch of entrepreneurs. It feels even better than sleeping at the beach. At least for now. Having more fun then ever, in peace. No more restlessness. How I wish this was a bit more common. The people here are friendly and productive. Everyone has his or her own work/private project to work on. Socialising is possible but not mandatory. I feel like this is the time to come.
The energy in this young (or young-minded) environment is highly contagious, I advise not to come close to any Start-Up events or dare to try such things as coworking. Otherwise you might get hooked on it, you might get creative, you might want to contribute.


What`s the downside, you may ask.
Sure, we have a lot of smalltalk, a lot of socialising in such an environment. Some may see this as a negative part, since it is during work hours, right?
Do you really think people work all the time in traditionalist environments?
I know from first-hand experience that this is not at all the case. Neither in low positions, nor high positions. Humans are no robots. We cannot focus for 6 hours straight.
In a traditional setup you will have employees browsing facebook and managers talking to friends via chat. Of course both work, but both also need their time off.
So those small bits and pieces of socialising in a coworking space are already there in a traditional environment, just hidden.
The main downside is the following:
It`s not yet common. People still believe that it is more efficient to work in an office rather than a public space. Well, it is when you are a misarable office-zombie trying to avoid work and counting the hours to weekend. And we won`t have to discuss that certain jobs clearly require physical presence.
A house won`t build itself, so it is certainly not something I would advise to construction workers.

Why would I want to cowork?
You can be outside the dark office. With fun people. Right now I am working on my website, so are two other people next to me. We get things done a lot faster, a lot more efficient than everyone would on his own. I would have never thought about some legal problems, we fixed facebook issues in a short time. Not just for me but for all of us, since we had similar problems, the guy next to me just installed Analytics on his blog. Facebook is still closed, my phone is in my bag. At least from my extraverted perspective this is a place with less distraction, dispite all the people.
Coffee and food also tastes better when shared.
Not so different from my normal work environment, to be honest. Just different people.


Are you motivated? Are you a young-minded digital worker? Do you like the sun? Do you like socialising?
Give it a chance, you might be surprised about both the efficiency and the contacts arising.
For Stuttgart
9€/Day including a 5€ voucher for Coffee and other drinks.

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