Is there still hope for us?

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In the process of watching the movie “Snowden”. Not that I didn’t know the full extent of the surveillance before, it is the pure malevolence, the sorry state we are in which makes me so tired and sad.
It seems to me that humanity in its collective form is so obsessed with control, so rejecting of the notion that control itself is an illusion, so rejecting of the universal truth that nothing that has form is constant that humanity seems to be committed to the ultimate act of control. Suicide.

This world is so lacking of empathy, of a live and let live conscious mindset, so devoid of benevolence that it would rather destroy itself than to accept the true meaninglessness of form.

A sad realisation. We are capable of greatness, yet we chose to suffer.

Is there hope left?
There is. People are waking up to it. A shift of focus from the external to the internal world is happening. Much to the despise of those still seeking in the external world.
Humanity is at its crossroads. Either we destroy ourselves, or we are about to enter a new golden age of philosophy and spirituality. A new time which values the thoughtful and silent people more than the loud. A time in which benevolence is not mistaken for weakness.
But there is also the countermovement, the loud get louder, the ego gets more malevolent. Just like a cornered animal fighting for its life.

Whatever happens, our time is one of the most exciting times to live in. We will be remembered. Either as the ones who brought on the destruction of civilisation, or as great philosophers and pioneers of a new era.

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