Totally Lost

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Hitchhiking in the United States is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. At least it is a funny story to tell. Got back to Josh’s house and slept for a while yesterday. Woke up at 8 and started getting ready, drinking coffee and packing my stuff. Took me a while to […]

Failures and Plans

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Today I have finally gotten an american Phone number. Playing around with my new “Phone” a lot. If you can call it even a Phone. It works, but that’s about it. Had to fiddle with the developer options to even install the basic apps like Whatsapp and Skype. Basicly because the manifacturer generously granted me […]

On the Road again

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Sitting at a McDonalds, tired. Not that late though. Feeling dizzy. My head spins. Feels like being slightly stoned. Even though I am not. Might be the tiredness of this stressful day. Drinking Poison to stay awake (Coca Cola). Should rather drink Coffee but that doesn’t come with a refill. Things are getting better. I […]

Refugee “Crisis”

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Empathy is an extremely useful feeling. Being able to connect with others and see their point of view, all the emotions, and difficulties this person goes through. How far have we come, that this crucial part of communication has become a key part of censorship and a prohibition of critical thought? I have already been […]

Hobo Can Stove

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I always wanted to have a lightweight stove to fill with alcohol or gasoline. I was tired of carrying bulky gas containers with me just for cooking. So I found some tutorials on the internet how to make one out of cans. Saw some hitchhikers using them as well. Earlier in my “career” as a […]

Welcome to America Part1

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The last impression i got from the dawning european winter was a storm above Paris. I couldn’t care less. It made me laugh like you would imagine the typical serial killer to laugh in the movies. Finally i had made it, finally no winter. No winter depression. The day started early. Too early for my […]