Boat ride

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I was getting up extremely early for my taste yesterday. 8am. Still a bit hungover and sleepy from the last day. I’ve been drinking and smoking (Just weed, no worries) a bit too much lately. But what do you expect when you are living with 2 guys? Insanely fun. Just like students, but without money […]

Nassau Sightseeing

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Remember the Senior Frogs Swingers Club? Met the owner of this Etablissement yesterday and asked him whether it was intentional or not. It was. Intended as a joke, pure marketing. A really interesting day with extremely interesting people. Highly intelligent and driven. I can be honoured to be able and learn from them. A lovely […]

Troy, my hero

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What a difference. I am in the rich part of the Island now. Sandyport. Everything very clean and tidy here. And probably twice the cost of what it is in the poorer part. A lot of boats here and surprise, surprise significantly more white people. At the first glance it doesn’t look like a touristy […]